La Villana Is:
Family Taste Tradition

We are leaders in reminding you of our traditions

We like to awaken those longed-for emotions of yesterday today, our products take you back to the flavors you’ve tasted at home, those childhood memories with your family, giving you those delicious and traditional flavors onto your table for you to remember those moments lived with your loved ones, relive the experiences that stayed in your heart in every family meal, every friend reunion, every moment that you not only enjoyed the food, but also the moment.

La villana is not born out of a need in the market, but out of the desire to be able to give all the flavor of our people, all those grandmothers, aunts, mothers, fathers or anyone close to us who made a delicious dish that we remember them by. We want to reach your table and your plate to take you back to all those memories of the people with whom you have lived all those unique moments and create new ones.

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Authentic Mexican Roots

Hispanic leader in the United States

Top quality products

We are 100% made in Mexico, we comply with all the quality and food safety standards to be able to offer export quality products.

We want to satisfy the most traditional palates that are looking for the flavor that so many people have shared with us by making delicious dishes. We want not only our people to remember all those meals with family and friends, but also that other cultures can enjoy the unique flavors that simple but great-hearted people once gave us to enjoy.

We are a company that wants you to remember all your stories full of memories and indescribable flavors with every bite, but we also want to surprise you and innovate with products that thrill and excite you, that you never expected, but that will be there for you and your loved ones.

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